Fasting Diet

Fasting Diet

Fasting Diet - What Is Fasting - Juice Fasting - Benefits Of Fasting » The perfect way for fastingFasts can be beneficial to you in spiritual terms but proper care should be taken to ensure that fasts do not extract too heavy toll on you. Make sure you attain healthy diet during your fasts periods, so that you can provide your body with essential nutrients. But if you little confused bout what to eat and what not during your fasts period, then have a look on the following points that will help you to keep the fasts in the perfect way.

You can go for phalahar meal consisting of sago, singhara aatta, potatoes, sweet potatoes, colocasia, kachalu, selected vegetables and nuts. Do you know that many people use these fasts as an excuse to treat on delicious ‘phalahar’ dishes? Why not you do the same too!

People who are suffering from problems like diabetes and high blood pressure should avoid the intake of sago, singhara aatta, potatoes, sweet potatoes, arvi ,kachalu etc. also, they should avoid fruits like chiku and banana. Diabetics should also avoid fried foodstuffs. They can always have gourd, pumpkin, leafy vegetables, salad, apples, skimmed milk, citrus fruit etc in their diet.

You can always splurge on fruits and vegetables. They provide you with fibre which cleanses your digestive system plus fulfill your stomach. Remember that tomatoes, gourd, pumpkin, cucumber are rich in fiber, so make sure you have them in your diet. Whenever you eat apple or peer, make sure you eat them with their outer skin, as their peels provide you with lot of fiber content. Remember that Vitamin and minerals also concentrates near the peel.

You can eat leafy vegetables like coriander, methi, and spinach etc by clubbing with various recipes. You can add their purees while preparing kutto ka aata cheelas, palak kutto pakoda, soups etc.

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