Father Daughter Relationships

Father Daughter Relationships

Father Daughter Relationships - The Responsibilities of a Father - How to Be a Responsible Father » Responsibility Of A Father In the life Of His DaughterBeginning with teenage a daughter begins to look at her father as a guide. In each step the father can develop the character by setting good examples instead of lecturing.

A father should enable his daughter to identify her limitations and strengths. The most important lesson that she should believe in herself should be imparted.

Girls who’ve very optimistic fathers do well in career, studies or the home front. Such girls are more independent and know how to sort out their problems by themselves.

During 20s girls start trying things on their own. The fathers then become restless and become controlling, sometimes get in their way. A good balance is necessary during this period.

His responsibility is to make his daughter understand the threat and difficulty that she might have to face, before allowing her to venture. The daughter would’ve utmost confidence when she has the assurance that her father will help her anytime she needs.

At this age, the daughter will get closer to mother. That time non-intervening father is a big aid. But the daughter should comprehend that, as a father, he has the right to know and help if need be.

Likewise, the father should teach his daughter useful things about banking, insurance, investments etc. Also, some basic electrical and mechanical chores can be taught by dad.

This age is significant because this is when the girl finds her guy. This is when fathers will say its time for a man to enter in his daughter’s life. Father’s help and guidance will always be valuable for the daughter when she is in search for a man.

The manner the father takes care of her becomes the standard for her in evaluating men. Hence it’s the father’s duty to help her get an optimistic view of men by taking care of her and her mother properly.

Good fathers help their daughters to have good self respect. When the daughter is puzzled by some fine distinction shown by the new man, father can assist by telling her the correct viewpoint. Mostly, the daughter fails to see the other perspective until her father explains to her.

The father girl attachment gets better with time. A woman who is middle-aged and who had a good relation with her dad as a girl will not shilly-shally to name her dad as her first best friend

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