Fear of pregnancy and childbirth

Fear of pregnancy and childbirth

Fear of pregnancy and childbirth - Pregnancy Fears - How to Get Rid of Fear of Childbirth - Birth Defect Fears » Pregnancy FearsPregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life, but not one which is completely shielded from fears and worries. After all, every pregnant woman has some or the other fear troubling her and this article intends to throw light on such fears and also show the way how such common pregnancy fears can be easily overcome.

The most common fear in a pregnant woman’s mind is that concerning the health and safety of her baby. After all, everyone wants to have a healthy baby without nay birth defects. The best way to overcome this fear is to talk about it with your partner and your near and dear ones. Do not repress your fears as it is natural for a woman to have pregnancy fears, especially if it’s the first child. Also, you must educate yourself and even discuss few things with your doctor so as to effectively deal with such fears.

Also, when a woman gets closer to her due delivery date, the one major fear along with the safety of the baby is that of the labor pain. Do not think much about it and try relaxing your body and mind as much as possible. One thing to remember- labor pains differ from woman to woman. Thus, do not get too bogged down by long painful experiences of other women. Just keep your cool and remain positive. Also, these days C-sections have become common. Weigh its pros and cons, educate yourself and you’ll get rid of most of your pregnancy fears.

Another fear which comes with pregnancy is that of post-pregnancy weight gain. Believe it or not- most women do think about this and eventually, this turns into a fear. Just think about the coming happiness of a new life. Exercising and proper diet will help you lose post pregnancy weight. Thus, enjoy your pregnancy period and get rid of all pregnancy related fears.

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