Features Of Flexible PaperPhone

Features Of Flexible PaperPhone

In tech industry, the things that are unbreakable and smaller are considered to be the best. Many new innovations have changed the outlook of modern technology and now we have mini gadgets with us that can be carried away anywhere. But there is no full stop at any point and that’s why this time tech industry is ready with a micro gadget.

Now you will definitely forget the iPhone because here is the flexible future of smartphones. Now a PaperPhone is ready to hit the market with its flexible display that makes the gadget more flexible. Any mobile computer that is available right now in the market can’t shape with your pocket, but this PaperPhone will definitely do it.

This Paper computer is highly interactive and in the coming years it it setting to dominate the tech industry. The flexible electronic display of Paper computer will be the forerunner in the new era of computers.

Features Of Flexible PaperPhone - World First Interactive Paper Flexible Computer

The sample of Paperphone is ready which is as light as paper. This gadget is made up of thin films and it has the capable to perform all the functions that you find in a smartphone. You can save your ebook files, play your favorite music, send message and also allows for making calls.

The outstanding feature of PaperPhone is that it doesn’t consume power in standby mode. It means that when no-one interacts with this phone then it won’t use any power. It is a quite impressive feature ever found in smartphones. So, it will be a power saving option for you as well.

While you work on this Paper computer you will feel like you are interacting with a small sheet of paper. It means that you won’t feel any heavy touch of glass or metal and you can bed it to shape like your pocket. To turn the pages you can flip the corner of this device and also write on it using a pen.

Features Of Flexible PaperPhone - World First Interactive Paper Flexible Computer

The display of this paper computer comprises of 9.5 cm diagonal size and thin flexible film with electronic inc display. The most noticeable feature that is going to rock in the coming years will be flexible display that makes it as portable as your pocket.

As this device can save your documents and allows the access anywhere during the move, so definitely in coming years our offices will replace the papers and printers with it. You can say that paper computers can be a threat to the printers.

That’ s for what all people are waiting that how soon they will get a paperless office to work. “Your office papers will be replaced by the digital papers after the launch of this new gadget” says Roel Vertegaal, the inventor of this technology.

The sensors used in this device are so intelligent that they allow you to make a call with a squeez of the interactive paper. All you have to do is to curve the screen and it will recognize the bent and make a call for you. So get ready to replace the clunky laptops with super-thin paper computers.

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