Feijoada Recipe

Feijoada Recipe

Feijoada Recipe - Feijoada - Recipe for Feijoada - Ingredients for Feijoada | Tips on - Find TipsA sumptuous Brazilian spread is incomplete without the Feijoada. This popular Brazilian entrée was created by the slaves during the colonial era. The original recipe might seem a bit eerie with the pig tails, ear and feet as some of its ingredients, however, the Feijoada that is currently prepared uses pork sausages and pork tenderloin.

Here is the recipe for Feijoada that you can easily cook at home.


1 pound pork sausage

1 pound pork tenderloin

Four slices of bacon

1 can of black beans

6 bay leaves

1 big onion, finely chopped

2 cloves of garlic, nicely minced

2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

Salt to taste

Method of preparation

Soak the bean overnight in water. In the morning drain the beans and put them preferably in a pressure cooker, for fast cooking. Now pour water over the beans. The water level should be at least an inch above the beans. Close the pressure cooker and cook. Allow the beans to boil in medium heat. After the regulator starts releasing the steam, cook the beans for about 20 minutes, before turning off the flame. However, to reduce the hassles of cooking, you can use precooked canned black beans for making the dish.

After boiling the beans, put vegetable oil in a pot. When the oil becomes warm, add the bay leaves, onions, garlic, the boiled black bean and salt. Stir the ingredients in medium heat for about 15 minutes. Set the pot aside.

Now take a separate pan. Put oil and fry the pork tenderloins and bacons.

Add garlic and salt and fry them for a few minutes. Now add the pork sausage and stir in medium heat, until the ingredients become dry. Add the cooked pork and bacon into the pot containing cooked black beans. Stir the ingredients for about ten minutes and Feijoada is ready to serve.

Feijoada is traditionally eaten with rice and farofa.

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