Feng Shui Wind Chimes Principle

Feng Shui Wind Chimes Principle

Feng Shui Wind Chimes Principle - Types & Placement of Wind Chimes | Tips on - Find TipsWind chimes are not only used as home and garden decors, but for believers of Feng Shui principles, these could enhance the flow of positive energy in your room. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese study of object placement that determines the flow of energy or Chi in the house. Proper channeling of Chi brings good luck and counters negative influences in the person’s life. Sound emitted from the wind chimes helps in remedying a number of problems that a person encounters.

Types of wind chimes
Although, metal chimes are overwhelmingly popular, but you can also buy wooden, bamboo or pottery chimes. Wooden chimes are suitable for east and southeast locations and the pottery chimes could be hung in the south. Metal chimes are preferred for their loud penetrating sound.

Placement of wind chimes
Hanging a chime in front of your entrance door helps in enhancing your home’s security. It helps in regulating the flow of Chi. Hanging a wind chime in front of an entrance is especially recommended if it faces north. North is associated with dullness from where little sunlight could enter the house. The penetrating sound of metallic chimes attracts vibrancy and vitality by enhancing the flow of positive Chi.

For houses with majority of windows facing the north, hanging a wind chime in the north, west or northwest, counteracts the cold depressive environment produced by the cold northern wind and lack of sunlight.

In Feng Shui, west is associated with children. Hanging a hollow metal wind chime in the west will improve the mental and physical health of children.

If you want to increase your popularity among friends and relatives, place a wind chime at the southwest corner of your living room. To attract helpful friends wind chime placed at the northwest could help.

Although you could hang wind chimes in various corners of your house, but Feng Shui experts often recommend not to hang metal wind chime in the east. Only bamboo chimes could be hung in the east.

A metal chime with five rods eliminates bad luck. However, to welcome lady-luck to your house use metal chimes with four, six, seven, eight or eighteen rods.

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