Few Pointers for Healthy Nails

Few Pointers for Healthy Nails

Few Pointers for Healthy Nails - How to Keep Your Nails Strong - Nail Care - Tips to Paint Nails | Tips on - Find TipsWhile carrying out those mundane household chores like making a shopping list, doing the dishes, ironing clothes, adding a number to your cell phone, cleaning windows or mopping floors, do your eyes fall upon your nails.

Our hands play a vital role in our day-to-day functions. We consistently test their longevity and strength without a care since we use them practically all the time. We should however take out time each day or few times each week just to check our nails for wear and tear, their texture, color, ridges and length.

The greater effort you put into caring for your nails the better they work for you, adding to your personality and style. Here are a few pointers for healthy and quality nails.

Super, healthy nails:

When short of time use quick dry nail paint.

Tank up on water to ensure proper hydration to your body everyday.

Since your diet has a major role in the appearance and health of your nails be sure to include FDA approved supplements and necessarily vitamins on your daily platter. Until your physician advises you against it you can load yourself with Vitamins A, B12 and C, protein, calcium, zinc and folic acid.

A daily check on your nails keeps chipping or wearing at bay. Your nails highly depend on what you eat so do justice to your diet.

Tips to paint nails:

Add a final coat of protecting, clear varnish to give gloss and longevity. You can also begin with a coat of the same to protect your nails. Storing the nailpolish in the refrigerator helps keep it fresh and smooth.

Try not to expose the nail paint bottles to extreme heat or light as it may cause the bottle to crack or the paint texture to deteriorate.

To avoid brittleness or chipping of nails:

Try not to use your nails for irrelevant activities like digging, pinching, scraping, scratching, etc. Be careful and gentle. Make calcium an important constituent of your daily diet. Be sparing when using alcohol based products like perfumed lotions as they make nails brittle and cause breakage.

Be sure to wear rubber gloves while doing chores which require long submersion in water and detergents or harsh chemicals.

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