First Date Fashion Tips

First Date Fashion Tips

First Date Fashion Tips - Fashion Tips On First Impression - First Date Clothing » First Date FashionsAh, the day you’ve been waiting for has finally dawn early and bright! (Or was it just you that woke before the rooster crowed today because you remembered it’s your first date finally?) Whatever the reason for the general sense of excitement and exuberance, it is best to hold on to the promise of this new and stimulating start to your adult social life for a little while longer – at least till you figure out the best way to make a great first impression is through your sense of presentability (and, of course, your wit and charm).

Do not for a moment get misguided by your friends to wear something extremely eye-catching, even if it is designer-wear or costs the earth, if it doesn’t do something to reflect your personality and doesn’t suit your body type. This is because no matter how stylish a particular garment is, if you are not comfortable in it and can’t carry it off, you’ll end up looking awkward on your date, which by itself is going to have its share of tongue-tied moments (listen to the voice of experience), so you’ll be better off appearing well-suited to your personality and physique rather than aping a particular model or someone you are not.

Depending on where you are taking your girlfriend out, pick the most suitable clothes according to the venue besides allowing for garments that let you focus on your personality shining through. For example, if it’s a dinner date and a rather upmarket restaurant, it’s a good choice to wear your slim-fit evening coat with tapered trousers in a dark colour with a light coloured natural fibre shirt (wrinkle-free, please) and sober dress shoes; for a more casual dinner date, a silk shirt with dark, well-fitting jeans and loafers works well enough.

In either case, its smart to pick clothes that cover up any flaws and fit you well to impress your date without looking as if you are trying to, but it does pay to ditch the keds for leather loafers, even if you’re heading to the movies. Remember, to keep your outfit colour coordinated, tailored according to your persona and to go with the venue, so you can successfully set the standard for future dates.

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