First date fashion

First date fashion

First date fashion - First date fashion tips - First date fashion ideas - First date clothing » First date fashionGuys going for the very first date tend to go overboard and create a fashion statement which might not be just the right idea for you. The first date is like the royal courting which should be having its pros and cons all at the same time. Look before you leap. If you get to know your girl beforehand, it would give you some idea what kind of a person she really is. Is she is from one of the bunches who is phony and boastful or the genuine one?

Keeping clothes simple
If you do not have any hints then it would be better if you keep your clothes simple to the least. Yes, we all know you want to make that unforgettable irresistible first impression. Hold on, if you pass the first one there would be a whole lot of dates following thereafter. You must be in a dilemma when you are going out for the first time with your girl about what to wear and how to project that superman image to her. But you don’t have to worry about your fevered brow coz’ no body is perfect and no one is God.

Be comfortable
It is best to clear your vision and wear what you like and feel comfortable in. You can sport jeans with a casual half sleeve shirt that looks cool. Or if you are seeing someone of a high profile, you may go for the formal look and just put on a shirt and trouser of some pastel shades. That looks most decent and gives a gentleman look. Be well groomed and try your best to look fresh in whatever you wear. If you are in jeans, you can don it with a pair of casual sneakers.

Normal approach works better
It is always prudent to try to be comfortable and feel easy in whatever you are. Be yourself and remember the tips on grabbing a woman’s attention. She wouldn’t be far off from your reach. If you can count on the risk, go ahead and create you own style which is best when mingled with common sense and innovation. You define your own trend and get a handful of applause if you don it rightly.

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