Fish Oil and Heart Disease

Fish Oil and Heart Disease

Fish Oil and Heart Disease - Advantages of Fish Oil - How to Prevent a Heart Attack - Fish Oil For Blood Pressure » Fish Oil and Heart Disease – Discover the Truth about Fish Oil and Heart DiseaseThere are many prescription drugs for lowering the cholesterol and LDL in the body. But most of these drugs have many side effects. Researchers have found that Fish Oil is the answer to lower Cholesterol and LDL and there are no side effects from taking this natural medicine.

What is Fish Oil?

It is the oil extracted from the fishes. Before the oil is extracted, the molecular distillation is conducted to remove impurities and then the oil is extracted. It is available in capsule form.

What are the advantages?

Researchers have found that fish oil has many medicinal values. It is said that by using this oil, thousands of lives have been saved in America alone. The benefits of fish oil are briefly mentioned here:

1. Fish oil contains EPA, DHA and Omega 3 which prevents platelets in the blood sticking to the wall of the veins in the heart. Therefore it prevents clotting of blood and the blood circulation also improves. Thus, there are no chances of heart attacks.

2. Reduces triglycerides (blood fats) and reduces blood pressure.

3. Improves heart rhythm because it improves the electrical system of the heart. This prevents chances of heart attack and strokes.

4. Normally heart attacks occur because of inflammation that occurs within the body. The inflammation occurs suddenly and in many cases without any symptoms. Fish Oil is the most powerful anti inflammation agent that wards off inflammation occurring within the body. So, it is very effective in preventing heart attacks.

5. The DHA in fish oil also fights prostrate and breast cancer, acne, psoriasis and many other skin related diseases.

How to use the fish oil?

Points mentioned above speak of the uses of fish oil. This is available in soft gel capsule form. The proportion of DHA EPA in the fish oil is in the ratio 2:1. In this ratio, maximum benefits can be obtained from the oil.

One capsule per day will be minimum requirement. People with higher cholesterol and LDL can take even three capsules per day. The dosage can be increased depending on the cholesterol and LDL level. Fish oil is not known to cause any side effects.

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