Flanders - Cities of Flanders - Canals of Flanders - Stylish Restaurants in Flanders | Tips on - Find TipsFlanders is a little region in the North of Belgium, full of surprises, comprising numerous historical cities that have a rich cultural heritage made visible through the buildings, works of art and festivals. Each city is full of quaint medieval squares, canals lined by trees, ornate architectural facades, wealth of museums, galleries, theatres, luxurious chocolate, first-class cuisine, and over 600 different types of beer. At every corner waits a surprise for you.

It exhibits a perfect combination of the traditional and the trendy. The region of Flanders offers you not just architecture and history but also colorful shopping galleries, chocolate shops, breweries, stylish restaurants, European nightlife and the romance of taking a cruise down the languid waters of the canals of Bruges.

The Divine Cities of Flanders:


It is a sophisticated and cosmopolitan city well known for its impressive range of architecture, outdoor cafe scene, rich cultural offerings and hot nightlife. It has a variety of specialist museums and is an avant-garde fashion design center.


This goes by many names-City of Romance, Venice of the North and Cultural Capital of Europe back in 2002. It has a rich heritage ranging from the Belfry to paintings by Jan Van Eyck and sculptures by Michelangelo. This city can be explored on foot, by boat ride along canals or by horse-drawn carriage. One can explore all the architectural and artistic treasures, folklore, chocolate shops and lace boutiques.


It is a metropolis that is known for its splendid architectural styles. It is technically a federal district of Belgium within Flanders. As it houses the government buildings it is considered the capital of Flanders. It is a symbol of contrast of the old and the new. Gothic cathedrals, classical façades and Art Deco houses are sure to bowl you over. The Grand Place serves as the centre of the city and hosts a number of festivals. You can shop at fashion boutiques, lunch at a bistro or pick up exquisite pieces of antique on the Sablon.


The city is well known for its extensive network of canals and picturesque streets that you can explore at your ease. The ten-day Ghent Celebrations held in the month of July are very popular and sees everyone singing, dancing,
drinking, merry-making and enjoying concerts and theatre. Go ahead and enjoy the ‘Art City’ with its rich artistic heritage!

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