Flights Steward

Flights Steward

Flights Steward - Male flight attendant - Male equivalent of air hostess - Air steward » Man In The AirlinesThe Indian woman has been emerging as a force to recon with for the past few decades. When it came to going out into the corporate world they have left a few of their male counterparts high and dry so far as competition is concerned. When it came to career options in the hospitality industry men have begun to get their time in the sun of late.

In the beginning women – and pretty ones at that – were given preference to jobs in the airlines hospitality industry. I am talking about Air Hostesses here. The name of the job itself will suggest that men were locked out of the application process. However, the industry has opened career options for men who would like to make a career in flying, but this time not in the pilot’s seat.

Many men have chosen and made a success of a career as am air steward. This is the male equivalent of Air Hostess. Not only is the pay fabulous but you get a lot of perks such as great places to visit, good hotels to stay and a glamorous lifestyle. The air steward reports for duty and his duty begins much before the boarding of passengers on the aircraft. He must check the safety devices installed for the passengers, the blankets, pillows, plates, medications, napkins and the food and beverages as well as ensure that the cleaning operations have been satisfactorily completed by the support staff.

Once passengers have boarder the flights the Steward assists them to settle down and get comfortable. He dispenses fears of first-time fliers and in general takes care of the passengers needs through the flight.

Flight stewards are trained in first aid and how to react in emergency situations. Many a times it is the way passengers are treated by the in-flight staff that decides if they will be returning customers for the airline, so, if you are deciding on a career as a flight Steward you must be ready to put up with odd hours of working. You will be expected to be on your fees during the entire flight and will have to put up with some snooty attitude of fliers as well- If you remember that he customer is always right no matter what, this is the job for you.

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