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Flora Fauna

Flora Fauna - Natural African Beauty - African Safari - Africa Tourist Attractions » Discover the African Natural beautyKnown for its diverse cultural trends and natural beauty, Africa has been attracting the tourists from ancient times, even as they were captivated by wonderful flora and fauna of the country. The country offers plenty of scope for relaxing, adventure and sheer enjoyment of your time out there. It is a land of wild animals and wonderful vegetation and even some of the world’s most endangered species of both animal and plant lives are found here.

Needless to say, an African safari exposes you to discover world’s unknown species of animal life, prompting you to think of the spectacular life as the tourists get an exposure to the African wild reaches.

The forests and greenery are breathtaking and so is the wonderful and awe-inspiring wild life. You can not only see here some of the animals which you see only in books and films, but you can also think of their future, when they will be erased completely out of our globe. So is the case with some plants here.

With its grand landscapes, animal life which is distinct and varied and fascinating beaches, an African safari brings out the most stunning panorama in the world, giving you the thrill of looking at undomesticated animals in their natural locale.

The broad environmental region of Savannas consists of heavily wooded grasslands, where the grandeur of tropical flora and fauna survive even today.

Africa is a native to many tribes and over 2000Â languages are spoken here. Most of these tribesmen speaking various languages live in the jungles and towns alike.

Its wild life is very varied, and when you take an African safari you get an opportunity to at least see some of the beautiful beasts like lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards and buffaloes, not to speak about the birds that are seen in the African jungles.

Though Africa was the destination for many researchers of plant and animal life, of late due to the threat of poaching, the government has placed restrictions, totally prohibiting hunting, which will go a long way to retain the pristine purity of Africa, where animal and plant life can grow unhindered.


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