Food Addiction

Food Addiction

Food Addiction - Wrong eating habits - Junk food choices - Diet plan ingredients » Ways To Ease Food AddictionYou may have heard of alcohol, drug and smoking addiction, but these are fairly serious dependence-inducing habits as compared to the lesser-advertised though quite harmful food addiction that is increasing among urban youth and middle-aged person at alarming rates. Food addiction has grown to tremendous proportions with more disposable incomes being made easily available besides access to junk and instant food choices that may be convenient and slickly packaged, but definitely veer away from healthy food habits.

Thus, most people leading a modern, hectic and demanding lifestyle are left with little time and thought for acknowledging, leave alone addressing that wrong-eating habits could actually be a food addiction. But, learning to recognize signs of the power certain foods may have over you is crucial to break free from the cycle of overeating, binge-eating and reduced fitness levels. You can break free of food addiction and lead a healthier, freer and positive life minus the excess baggage food addiction problems like anxiety eating and comfort eating can cause for persons with weight maintenance issues.

Re-train your brain to feel fuller with smaller portions served on smaller plates so you learn to restrict your food intake, which will, over time, get adjusted mentally to the lesser servings being quite adequate.

Avoid filling up your plate with food and savour each bite, chewing slowly to make the meal last longer, so your stomach gets time to digest the food and your brain gets the ‘tummy full’ message. Also, if you have a weakness for sweet stuff, cut out sugar intake by avoiding crackers, sauces, dressings in salads etc, all of which contain ‘hidden sucrose.’ Opt for high fructose and corn syrups instead when you shop and check ingredients for your new food-addiction free diet plan.

Don’t skip meals, but have smaller, frequent, healthy meals supplemented with veggie and fruit snacks and natural, unsweetened juices with plentiful water in between and never return to the scene of crime i.e. fridge, snack bar at a party, ice-cream cart on your walking route etc. It also pays to find yourself a non-eating activity to indulge in so you keep the food addiction at bay!

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