Food For Stress Reduction

Food For Stress Reduction

Food For Stress Reduction - Health Food Eating - Calories In Food » Shed Your Food Related StressThe whole aim of keeping your weight under some form of control is to help you stay healthy. How ever if this is going to get you all stressed out the entire ball game has gone to waste. Yes excess weight is a major issue in most parts of the world and more and more focus has been placed at its door step. But that does not mean you should in any way get stressed out as to what to eat or when to eat etc, etc.

I guess we all need to change the way we view food. I often call people who hunger for all the fancy taste of a particular dish as tongue worshipers. If all you are going to do is moan and groan about how much you miss this or that then you really do have a problem. Food is at best a necessity in the form of nourishment. Any other way if perceived will give you heart burns. That’s exactly what happens when we forget the simple fact that our bodies need so much and only so much. Any thing more is not only waste but is actually dangerous for you. So get a grip on the issue which is food is some thing we part take in to keep going. So we eat to live and not live to eat.

Now no one is saying for a minute not to enjoy all the absolutely fantastic things there are out there to eat. Eat it for sure but please, please keep it within the limits of staying healthy. Who has not heard the saying that too much of any thing is bad? We have all heard it a dozen times if not more in our lives. The same goes for food.

In a seven day week if you go out and indulge your self once a week boy let me say you are right on track for good living. When it goes to twice a week well one hopes you have a treadmill close at hand to burn of that excess calorie intake. More than that, well you need to stop and take a hard good look what you want from life.

Coffee is getting a bad name every day. A cup of coffee raises cortisol levels for as long as 12 hours in the body. Cortisol is in fact a hormone naturally produced by the body to fight stress. However when pumped up in this manner it has all sorts of negative effects. It becomes toxic to the brain. It damages the immune system. Simply removing coffee from your diet can help you loose as much as eight pounds in less than 6 weeks. This is due to coffee spiking insulin in the system that raises your blood sugar. This encourages storage of surplus calories as fat.

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