Food to be Given to Kids Above 3 Years

Food to be Given to Kids Above 3 Years

Food to be Given to Kids Above 3 Years - What Food Should be Given to Kids above 3 Years - What to Give in Breakfast to a 3 Year Old Kid - What to Give in Lunch to a 3 Year Old Kid | Tips on - Find TipsYou may think that your kid is absolutely healthy because he/she is eating a lot of food from the bakery. Sorry! Your kid is absolutely not getting any nutrients by eating these foods.

Some bakery foods include biscuits, chocolates, chips, puff, cake, cool drinks, burger, pizza etc. Don’t expose your kid to these things as far as possible.

Stick to home cooked food itself. Home cooked food is always good, compared to bakery stuff.

The ideal food for a normal baby would be, 1 glass of milk in the morning, at 9’ o clock a good amount of breakfast, when I say breakfast don’t just bank on sandwiches, try doing different things for the kid. If you are a vegetarian dosa, idly, upma, puffed rice, pulav, etc with a lot of vegetables should be good. You can also give omlette and different things cooked with egg. If you are a non vegetarian you will have a lot of non-veg stuff filled with vitamins for sure.

At 12’o clock, give nuts and dry fruits like 4 pieces of cashewnut, black grapes, cherry, badam, pista etc. At 2’o clock give a full fledged meal either veg or non-veg. Remember to give them foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals.

At 4’ o clock make sure you give your kid milk with lots of fruits. The bare minimum could be 1 glass of milk with apple. You can keep changing the fruits everyday to make it interesting. You can give apple on the first day, then banana the second day, orange, grapes, pear, sweet lime on the other days and so on.

If your kid does not like to eat fruit then try making fruit juices or milk shakes. You can also give sweet corn and other good stuff.

At 7’ clock in the night give dinner and at 8.30 give milk to the kid again and make him/her sleep.

Again and again I suggest you not to give junk food. If you expose them once, they will never eat good food. A healthy diet only can keep your kids healthy and strong.

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