Foods that stain teeth

Foods that stain teeth

Foods that stain teeth - Teeth whitening - Teeth care - Yellow teeth » Foods That Stain TeethEver wondered why after eating certain kinds of food items, you end with stained and yellow teeth? This is because there are certain food items which leave your teeth more stained than others thereby leading you to lose that natural white shine. Let’s look in detail about these guilty food items so that you can reduce or avoid their intake to keep your healthy white smile intact.

The most guilty are the dark colored drinks as they snatch away the whiteness from your teeth leaving them yellow and stained. However, this does not imply that you have to sacrifice your taste for that perfect smile. Just try to limit their intake and always remember to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth after their intake. Dark tea and especially dark coffee leads to much harm to your teeth’s whiteness. It has been found that darker the coffee, the more harmful it is for your teeth. If you are a huge coffee lover, you can add little milk to your coffee to lighten it and get added advantage of calcium too. If you simply love coke and black drinks, then you are harming your teeth as cola not only stains your teeth, but also contains phosphoric citric acids and sugars which lead to tooth decay. Similarly, the list of other offenders contains soy sauce, berries, dark soda, tea and curry. Tobacco is another agent which can easily stain your teeth and also adversely affect your health. Take care of these stained before they become permanent. This can be done through proper oral care and hygiene along with limiting the intake of such items. It has also been found that consuming extremely hot foods or acidic foods can open the pores on the teeth leading to degeneration as well as permanent stains. Thus, protect your teeth through regular care to ensure you have an everlasting white and a lovely smile.

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