Foods to Eat in Gout

Foods to Eat in Gout

Foods to Eat in Gout - Diet for Gout - Food to Avoid in Gout - What to Eat in Gout | Tips on - Find TipsThis article talks about all those foods that are fit for consumption in gouts and also the reason why they should be consumed to cure gouts.

Firstly, consume water at least 8-9 glasses on a regular basis. Apart from water acting as a natural detoxifier, water helps to flush out the uric acid from the system through urination. Water ensures the proper functioning of body.

Secondly, consume edibles that are rich on potassium levels such as potatoes and bananas. Potassium melts down the uric acid and flushes it out of the system. A serving of both potato and banana daily takes care of the ten percent potassium required in the body on a daily basis. Another benefit of banana is the Vitamin C it contains which too helps to liquefy uric acid if included in daily diet.

Apart from these, include tofu, olive oil, nuts, pasta and bread in you daily diet.

Thirdly, consume fruits such as grapes, pineapples and cherries. Pineapple contains potassium, bromelaine and vitamin C. a serving of pineapples gives 60 percent Vitamin C, 2 percent potassium and bromelaine that reduces swelling. Cherries contain anthocyanins that control swelling. It is very beneficial for gout. And grapes contribute by giving 20 percent of Vitamin C and 4 percent of potassium.

The foods discussed above and many others are there to reduce gout. Always remember to eat foods rich in potassium and Vitamin C. They reduce the pain and swelling within hours. Keep your body all the time hydrated as dehydration leads to severe gout attack. Drink lots of juices and avoid having fried stuffs like bacons and hot dogs.

Another thing, avoid foods containing a high level of purines. Purines are chemicals which are broken into uric acid that are then flushed out. Keeping on eating purine rich food will simply increase the risk of gout or aggravate already present gout. Some foods containing purines are- red meat, fish, oysters, scallops, poultry, pork, organ meats, caviar, chicken, beef, butter, cheese, cream, milk, spinach, mushroom, cauliflower, peas, soy etc.

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