Foot Arch

Foot Arch

Foot Arch - Normal Arch Type - Flat Arch Type - High Arch Type » Way to know about your arch type-read this out!Hey girls and guys, are planning to buy shoes for yourself? Then keep in mind that you should know about your perfect arch type, so that you can buy the right shoe size for your feet. Read this article below, as it tell you about the simple foot test to know about your arch type.

First and foremost wet your foot and place it on a paper or a towel. The imprints of your feet will appear on it. You can match them with the different types of arch which are mentioned below in this article. Mind it that the perfect arch type will help you to choose the right shoe for yourself.

Normal arch:
If you get this imprint then you have a normal arch. The outer part of it assists the movement of a foot. The pressure is evenly spread across the foot that results in stable movement. Any shoe with proper shock absorption can suit you.

Flat arch:
This imprint means a flat foot. There is either very small or no gap between the ground and inner foot. The foot generally tilts inwards, while in motion and there are high chances of foot, ankle, knee or hip injury. A person with this type of arch should go for shoe with special insoles.

High arch
This type of arch means a wide gap between the ground and inner part of foot. The foot rolls or tilts outside resulting in improper shock absorption. So make sure that shock absorption is your first criteria while choosing your shoe type.

So what more are you waiting for now? Just take care of the above written statements and then make an ideal shoe choice for your feet to gain maximum comfort out of them.

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