Footwear - Footwear using Beads - Beaded Footwear - Footwear Containing Beads | Tips on - Find TipsFootwear that contains beads is a unique collector’s item. Those who love to collect shoes and sandals and other forms of footwear as a hobby would love to add these to their collection. The latest fashion statement to hit the fashion world, this type of footwear is used by models and celebrities both in India and abroad. Beads are now found on all kinds of footwear whether they are flat shoes, pointed shoes, platform heels or even just simple sandals. Beads can used to decorate footwear that is used on formal occasions like a meeting and even informal occasions like a get-together. Even footwear that can be worn on the beach is being decorated with beads.

Artisans and cobblers take extra care while designing footwear that contains beads since they would like to bring out the beauty of the beads while retaining the comfort factor of the footwear that is to be worn. Apart from comfort, the footwear has to last for a long period of time. The quality of the beads and the quality of the threads being used to sew the footwear parts together should be checked properly. Beaded footwear is available in a wide variety of designs and can be used to be worn at home or even to a function.

Footwear containing beads can be worn with a wide variety of dresses. They can be worn with western clothes like jeans and skirts, traditional Indian outfits and also with party-wear like evening gowns. Due to their availability in a wide variety of colors, they have the capacity to match different types of outfits. Beaded footwear has now become an essential component in the wardrobe of every person who is fashion conscious. They automatically attract attention when they wear footwear that is decorated with beautiful beads.

Beads of different colors and sizes are used to decorate footwear and strong thread is required to see that the beads are sewn securely into the footwear. These threads are normally made of strong cotton and silk and have a certain shine in them. The beads that are used are also brightly colored and some of them even contain some glitter. Nowadays footwear is made of rubber and leather that is eco-friendly and hence also helps in providing warmth to the feet.

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