Fragrances That Turn Men on

Fragrances That Turn Men on

Fragrances That Turn Men on - What Turns Men on - Which Perfumes Do Men Like on You - Scents Liked By Men | Tips on - Find TipsTaking care of your looks is sure to make him sit up and notice but wearing a perfume means that you have put in that extra effort for that sensual effect on him. A fragrance is something which adds to your persona an extra dimension. With the right kind of perfume you can also get your man’s pulses racing for you and make you feel sexy. It helps to enhance emotions so, you can feel safe to experiment with the right kind of perfume to turn on the mood. It is a powerful thing as it arouses a man on a primal level and most men believe that a scent can either turn them on or off. So, which fragrances are the ones that have that titillating effect on your man and have him complimenting you? Various researches on this topic have unearthed very interesting finds about fragrances and what effect they have on the men.

Here is list of such scents which can reduce anxiety and put men in the mood:

Clean Scents:

Most men like the just-out-of-shower smell on their women. It smells clean and fresh and very natural which have them very turned on. The clean smell is a sure winner with men!

Yummy Scents:

These are a favorite among men because sweet and tasty smells help them connect with their emotional wants for these remind them of their childhood. And as they are a happy reminder of those days they are sure to feel relaxed and secure.

Woody Scents:

Woody and musky fragrances are definitely loved by men. These smells are sure to gain you your man’s attention and help you win him over for the simple reason-this reminds him of pure sex! Hence the popularity of perfumes using musk and amber.

Spicy Floral:

Though strong floral smells are a strict no no the fragrance of something floral infused with something as vanilla or with spicier ones is sure to turn his head. It has been proven without doubt that men like complex spicier blend. Spray one on your self and watch your man wanting for more of you. The spicy floral ones can be quite an influence on him to drive him wild.

Fresh Citrus:

The citrus smell with its tangy and exotic notes is also a favorite among men. Fragrances with just a hint of citrus with floral scent is a perfect balance. Citrus perfumes can have quite an intoxicating effect and will have your man wanting to inch closer to you!

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