Fresh Basil

Fresh Basil

Fresh Basil - Fresh Basil Recipes - How To Dry Fresh Basil - Fresh Basil Salads » How to use fresh basil in your cookingFor enjoying the basil flavor in your savory dishes, it’s important that you add the basil leaves at the end of the cooking process. If you add the leaves at the time of food preparation, the oil in basil leaves gets evaporated quickly as it is volatile in nature.

You can use basil leaves for preparing mind-blowing Italian dishes. Slicing fresh basil leaves into thin strips and then using them as an additional pizza topping, makes the dishes more tempting and alluring as well as healthy for eater.

You can give herbal depth to your steamed cooked vegetables with a tinge of basil leaves. Basil leaves complements well with potatoes, tomatoes, beans, carrots etc. thus, offering you mouth watering dishes in terms of both taste and nutrition.

You can also add basil leaves in drinks like lassi, tea, for giving more exotic flavor to them, thus making them full of flavor. Adding basil leaves to such drinks not only boost up the aroma of such drinks but also augment their medicinal worth.

You can even accent your Thai recipes like macaronis, pastas with the proper and smart use of fresh basil leaves.

Whole basil leaves topped on tomato slices acts as a great appetizer for your body.
If you are not calorie conscious you can topped the above slice of bread with olive oil and shaved mozzarella cheese and feed yourself with more calories. You can also prepare lip smacking sauce for complementing the above bread recipe by using by using fresh basil leaves. For preparation, infuse half cup of olive oil with one tbsp. of minced fresh basil, a tsp of minced garlic along with ¼ tsp grounded black pepper. Use this infusion as a dipping sauce for your bread.

So, what are looking for now? Just peep outside for some fresh basil leaves in your garden and add them to your meals at the end of cooking to enjoy their aroma and fragrance.

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