Fruit Custard Recipe

Fruit Custard Recipe

Fruit Custard Recipe - Healthy Fruit Custard Recipe - Delicious Fruit Custard Recipe | Tips on - Find TipsMilk, fresh fruits, and dry fruits…what more do you need to make a recipe healthy and delicious. Fruit custard is a hot favorite with the kids. They just love to gorge on it. This recipe has a very high nutritional value and contributes very well towards your kid’s health. Not only is it a favorite with the kids but also we adults are crazy about it. Children do not like raw fruits much. Fruit custard is a very delicious way of making them eat some juicy and healthy fruits. The kids are sure to enjoy this preparation, as it is tasty, colorful and attractive.

In order to make fruit custard you need to take the following ingredients; one packet of custard powder, three and a half cup of milk, lots of colorful fruits and lots of dry fruits.

First, you need to pour the milk in a pan and heat it on the oven. Heat it well so that it becomes a little thick. Take some custard powder in a bowl and add some milk to it so that you can form a smooth solution. Pour this solution in the heated milk slowly and keep stirring it well. This will prevent lump formation. Let the mixture thicken. Now once it is over, put off the oven and let the mixture warm.

Now its time to garnish. Choose your fruits as per your taste and the flavor of the custard you have prepared. Cut them as per the requirement and keep them ready. You should always include fruits like apple, kiwis, oranges, strawberries, banana, cherries, grapes, etc. Use fruits in good numbers to enhance the taste of your dish. You can also use dry fruits like raisins, nuts, almonds, etc. This will make it rich and healthy. Make it look as colorful as possible.

Thus, your custard is ready to be savored.

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