Fussy Eaters

Fussy Eaters

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Pre-school children enjoy eating with family and friends as well as help in simple meal preparation. However, they can also be erratic as they like a particular meal one day and dislike it another day. No matter whatever you do, but you cannot force your child to eat against his or her wish. Here in this article some ways to incorporate good eating habits in your child are mentioned- just read them out!

Picky Eating
Picky eating is a common and normal stage of a child development. The picky eating stage usually ends or gets significantly better with time. While you continue to offer healthy foodstuffs like fruits, vegetables, whole grain, beans, nuts and low fat meat and dairy products, your child still beige over chocolates, fried stuff and chips. So, make a list of foods your pre-schooler eats on most occasions. Make small changes to get them a little healthier in their way. For example, chapattis can provide them with essential nutrients and boost fiber content if you mix gram flour (besan) with it. If pizza is his favorite food then try a homemade version with whole wheat crust, lots of tomato sauce mixed with puréed veggies. Another option is to give fortified food and health food drinks to your child. Along with daily diet, these Health food drinks help to meet their nutrition requirement.

Don’t force children to eat
Making food an item of contention between you and your child will not really help. Don’t bargain or bribe your food. When parents set up desserts as reward for eating the rest of the meal, they raise the importance of sweet, high fat food, which in turn leads to unhealthy habits. Keep pressure to a minimum where food is connected. Let your kid eat in a relaxed and positive atmosphere. Let your child decide how much he wants to eat.

Experts advices parents to put less pressure on the food being served and more on the positive aspects of enjoying mealtime as a family. Keep your child’s likes and dislikes in mind while preparing meals. Make healthy mealtimes a positive and pleasurable experience for your kids.

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