Garden Decor Ideas

Garden Decor Ideas

Garden Decor Ideas - Garden Decorating Ideas - Decor Ideas - Garden Decors | Tips on - Find TipsA well-kept garden is not only about routine mowing of the lawn and about caring for the plants and flowers. To make your garden appear stunning you should also pay attention to your garden decors.

Garden Sculptures

In the regal gardens, we have seen impressive marble statues of lions, fairies and nymphs. You can select a similar garden statue according to your budget and place it in your home garden.

Bird Baths

While the lifeless statues will add grandeur to your garden, birds playing around your garden will add life to your garden. To attract birds to your garden include birdbaths and bird feeders in your garden. This will ensure that the local bird species become regular visitors to your garden. You can also install a fountain, whose running water is ideally suited as a birdbath.

Garden Furniture

Garden furniture is available in various shapes and sizes and in different styles. Since these items will be placed outdoors, they should be made of materials that can survive water and heat. Wooden furniture pieces, though attractive, can be easily spoilt by water. Plastic and wrought iron chairs and tables are most durable as garden furniture. If you are willing to shell out some extra money, consider building some permanent garden seats out of concrete or marble. These will add a classic look to your garden.


Children as well as adults love to swing in the garden. To relax in your garden you can install a swing chair made of cotton or cane. You can also include a hammock in your garden.

Patio Umbrella

A patio umbrella is required to provide shade from the sun and rain. To cover the chairs and tables in your patio, you can install a colorful umbrella that can be easily opened or closed according to your need. An ideal patio umbrella should be lightweight and is able to withstand rain, heat and wind.

Garden lighting fixtures

A properly chosen garden lighting fixture is essential for illuminating your garden after dark. Classical as well as contemporary landscape lighting are used to light up the patio. To illuminate the pathway you can install bollards or pathway lights. For a garden party you might need dazzling illumination. Bullet lights could do this task of lighting up your garden. Solar powered lights are environment friendly lighting fixtures that can be installed in your garden.

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