GERD Treatment, Symptoms, Cause, Cure » Treatment Of GERD

GERD Treatment, Symptoms, Cause, Cure » Treatment Of GERD

GERD Treatment, Symptoms, Cause, Cure » Treatment Of GERDJust like all other people, your stomach is also filled with acid. But the purpose of this acid is just to help with the digestion of the food that you have eaten and this acid is as strong as battery acid.

Although our stomach is very well-built and can handle any acid problem, our esophagus does not. So, whenever this acid backs up inside your esophagus, it will cause very strong burning sensation, which is known as heartburn.

GERD is a curable disease: If you think that you are a victim of GERD, then it’s advisable to you to visit or consult your doctor quickly. GERD is a chronic medical condition that may cause some very serious problems.

But don’t be bothered – this problem is treatable, and can also be effectively dealt with through a balanced diet and some changes in your lifestyle along with the medical treatments.

So here are tips which can help you in dealing with this problem -

Discover food that is best for you: One of the best ways to deal with the problem of GERD is to discover the kinds of food which will work best for you during this problem and which will not increase the standard symptoms of GERD, such as heartburn. By avoiding foods which may worsen the symptoms, people who are suffering from this disease can reduce the possibility of having GERD.

Foods which slow down the clearing of stomach: There are some kinds of foods which usually slow down the emptying or clearing of your stomach because of which more acid remains in your stomach.

There are some other foods which will increase acid production in the stomach. For people who are suffering from GERD, having foods which cause acid to be retained longer or an increase in acid levels will usually cause pain and uneasiness.

Foods that you should avoid: There are some foods which everyone with GERD should avoid, such as fried foods, chocolates, dairy products, coffee as well as tea, tomatoes, alcoholic beverages, acid-based juices and peppermints. There are various drugs that can also raise the chances of contracting GERD or make an existing GERD condition worse.

How to deal with GERD? The treatment of GERD is usually dependent on the age and symptoms of the individual. These treatments generally include changes in your lifestyle, prescription medications, or even an amalgamation of these. Your doctor is the one who can best decide what kind of treatment will suit you the best.

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