get Rid of Fruit Flies

get Rid of Fruit Flies

get Rid of Fruit Flies - How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies - Get Rid of Fruit Flies An Easy and Poison - Get rid of fruit flies with a soda bottle - get rid of fruit flies in your kitchen » How to get Rid of Fruit FliesYou must have witnessed some flies hovering over your over-riped fruits or decaying vegetation. Imagine having a delicious fruit bowl prepared for yourself but seeing it helplessly being attacked by flies Being one of the smallest flies found at home, these uninvited guests are hard to get rid off and thus one should take every possible protection to prevent the entry of fruit flies in one’s house.

Never allow your fruits or vegetables to rot as that would be an unintended invitation to fruit flies. Preserving food in air-tight containers and avoiding garbage collection in house can help a great deal in preventing your house and kitchen in particular from the attack of fruit flies. Moisture and damp or wet areas are the best breeding grounds for these flies and thus one needs to ensure basic hygiene conditions to keep your home clean and flies-free. Many times it has been found that despite taking adequate prevention, fruit flies manage to enter one’s house. Thus, given below are some basic tips which can help you to get rid of these unwanted visitors.

One can make a bowl trap at home to get rid of fruit flies. This involves putting some pieces of old skinless fruit and some wine in a bowl. Cover the bowl lightly with plastic wrap and poke many small holes in it using a fork. This would help in trapping the flies as they would get attracted to this bowl and move inside it but would find it difficult to escape. Thus, one should ensure that the holes are not too big as that would provide them with an escape route. In addition, keeping your dishwasher and stove clean, using screens for doors and windows and discarding all overripe fruit from one’s house are effective ways of freeing one’s house from fruit flies.

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