Get Rid Of Post Baby Flab

Get Rid Of Post Baby Flab

Get Rid Of Post Baby Flab - Post Baby Flab - Swimming - Yoga - Natural Delivery - Getting Rid Of Post Baby Flab » How to get rid of post baby flabOn an average Indian women gain about 10- 20 kilos of eight during her pregnancy period. If she takes proper care of herself she can easily manage to loose eight kilos within a month of delivery.
You can begin your fitness routine ten days after your natural delivery. However, if you had a caesarean, it would be better for you to wait for at least 30-35 days. But mind it, in both the case it’s important that you take the doctor’s approval before starting up.

Taking 20-25 minutes mild walks everyday in open or on the treadmill can really benefits you in getting rid of post baby flab. Remember to start on a leisurely pace. You can also resumes some household chores, but make sure you avoid lifting heavy objects.

You can also start up some yoga and asanas after 15 days of giving birth to your baby. Concentrate on your back, abdomen and hips area when you start your asanas session as these are the areas that undergo the most drastic changes during your pregnancy. Lactating mother can go for breathing exercises. Another option is Pilates-this focuses on reviving the stressed core muscles and provides support to the spine that has supported the baby’s weight for nine months.

Once your stitches get healed, you can also start swimming. Swimming is considered to be the least risky workout method. But before starting swimming, make sure that your wounds have completely healed otherwise chlorine present in pool water can cause infection in that area. You can begin with 3-4 laps and then gradually increase them and try other strokes too. Water aerobics is another idea for loosing that body flab.

You can also hit your gym after two to three months, but try not to jump into vigorous exercises and workout programmes. You need not have to rush too fast, Just workout thrice a week.

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