Get To Know The Different Breed Of Cats | Tips on

Get To Know The Different Breed Of Cats | Tips on

Get To Know The Different Breed Of Cats | Tips on - Find Tips 1. Persian
These are usually long haired cats and are indoor cats who can get along well with other cats as well as people.

Origin- Persia

Colors- they come in various colors and patterns
Temperament- They are known to be calm and of lovable nature. They are also very quite cats therefore they are fit to be in a quite place.

Features- they have a broad round head with a short nose, they have large eyes and their cheeks are big. Their ears are round wide apart and they tilt forward. Their neck is short and thick and their body is solid and round. Persian cats coat is long, silky, shiny and flowing. Their tails are short and carried behind unlike other cats that have their tail above their body.

2. Turkish Van
They are said to be independent so they could adjust themselves with anyone. Their coats are silky and beautiful and their playful sort of nature will provide a mode of entertainment to all.

Origin- Turkey

Colors- Van

Temperament- They are said to be intelligent, soft, active and playful.
Features- their coats are pure white except that their head and tail comes in different colors like in black, blue, cream or red. They have cashmere like texture and do have undercoat. They have a strong body, round and slightly slanted eyes and long bushy tail.

3. Birman
They are called as a sacred cat of Burma. These are uncommon breed of cats. Their sweet and devoted nature makes them a great companion.

Origin- Burma

Colors- Seal, blue, chocolate and lilac are the basic colors of this cat
Temperament- They are said to be intelligent and lively.
Features- they are a large cat with long and silky hair which tend to wave on the stomach. Their body is medium but stocky, their legs are sturdy and their paws are firm and closely together.

4. Abyssinian
These are popular breed of cats which were worshipped by the ancient Egyptians. They get along well with children and other pets and also like to join in family activities.

Origin- Ethopia/ Egypt

Colors- They are of ruddy, red, blue and fawn
Temperament- They are said to be intelligent, inquisitive, active, playful and companionable

Features- they have a muscular shape body, large head, pointed ears and almond shape eyes. Their body is long and hard and their feet is thin.

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