Getting the raise

Getting the raise

Getting the raise - Dream job - Ways to impress your boss - Company cost savings » Get A RaiseSo, you’ve got your dream job and the salary to go with it! Well, after you’ve finished sailing through the initial high of landing the job you’ve always coveted and you actually get to work on it regular hours, more often than not, you’ll find yourself in the same place as others before you have: wondering whether you negotiated your salary well enough to warrant all the time and effort that goes into the work you produce so dedicatedly!!

Many men find themselves wondering about whether they are being paid their worth at the jobs they hold, even those they seem to enjoy doing and with appraisals happening quicker (sometimes quarterly with more MNCs focusing on keeping workers happy and attuned to their needs with additional HR counselling support at work offered to them, too), it is easier to get that raise you’ve been thinking about!

Getting the raise you are wondering about at your new job is easier than you think, if you’ve been diligent and focused on showing your commitment to the work given you and by proving to be a valuable asset to the company. Begin by showing your enthusiasm for the drudgery parts of the job and motivating others in your team, which always is a sure fire way of impressing the boss and enhanced efficiency levels at the office.

Also, try and arrive before time and leave late for a few weeks prior to the quarterly review period so the fact gets registered in your supervisor’s mind; just a half hour early and late to leave will work and an email update of the project you’re working on shot off to your manager during signing in or leaving time will work to your advantage since he/she can check the time and be aware of your extra efforts.

These are all ways to prove your worth to the company besides suggesting ways with projected figures for company’s cost savings, raising productivity levels and delivering more than expected within a tight timeline that will help you get that raise, so stick with these and go places!

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