Gingivitis - How To Treat Gum Disease - Periodontitis - Symptoms of Gum Diseases | Tips on - Find TipsGingivitis or gum disease, as known in layman terms, is a deadly killer disease. Gum disease means the growth of bacteria in the mouth if not taken care of properly and ending with complete tooth and gum decay. It leads to inflammation of soft tissues and the degeneration of bones surrounding the teeth.

The gum disease consists of two stages: gingivitis and periodontitis. If teeth are not taken care of, then the bacteria begin to accumulate along the gum line. Slowly, the bacteria accumulation forms plaque- a mixture of food, bacteria and saliva. That is why it is always recommended to brush twice a day.

The micro organisms are responsible for the bad breath. This lead to swollen and tender gums if still left untreated. This state is called the phase of periodontitis. When the plaque accumulates, it leads to bleeding of the gums without pain, at first and then also if not treated, pain enters the scene. The pain indicates how far the gum disease has advanced.

Some symptoms of gum diseases are:

- pain during brushing teeth

- bleeding during brushing

- constant bad taste in the mouth even after brushing

- swollen, tender or red gums

- gaps appear between teeth and gums

- the teeth loosen up and gums begin to recede

How To Treat Gum Disease?

If the plaque infestation has not spread too far, then the doctors try to manage and solve the development of the micro organisms causing gingivitis and periodontitis. The doctors remove the accumulation by scaling the gum line, both above and below.

If not willing to go for surgery, then a natural way of healing is to go for gingival flushing of gums which melts the plaque in the gums and as the name says, flushes out. Some of the prominent gingival flushing solutions are: citric acid, sodium fluoride, sodium bicarbonate, sodium tripolyphosphate and tetrapotassium pyrophosphate.

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