Giving and Receiving Criticism

Giving and Receiving Criticism

Giving and Receiving Criticism - Criticism - The art of giving and receiving criticism » Giving and Receiving CriticismCriticism is a much fearful word for professionals of this century. It is often said in colleges and schools and also put as a piece of advice that without criticism a man cannot get the perfect shape. It is applicable in every aspect of life both personal and official. It is strange to see that when we are showered with words of criticism at home we guys never feel demoralized but when it comes from workplace then it matters a lot and we feel very strongly about it. We must consider a fact as bottom line, giving and receiving criticism is an integral part of our professional life.

We guys may notice that in workplace we act in different roles. Sometimes need to notice that we are generating criticism to get efficient output from individual and in other moments, we are on the recipient side. In both the cases we need to know the exact organizational behavioral pattern to react to criticism both as recipient and as a generator.

Let’s discuss the first role of ours i.e. as a generator of criticism. It should always be kept in mind that the ‘c’ word should be used for organizational betterment and also to improve efficiency and productivity of the work of your fellow colleague. If criticism is driven by personal problem then sorry guys you need to control it. So the first step one should take before criticizing is to think twice about the ‘why’ behind the action. One must also be very careful about the words and the facial expression while criticizing own colleague.

To receive criticism is a difficult thing and it often treated as a negative thing in life. But in every aspect one need to give full attention to the reason of criticism and should try to improve the limitations. To improve and to excel should be the motto of a person receiving criticism. So the steps one needs to follow being recipient of criticism is to give correct value to it and then to take the criticism in the right spirit. Then understating the reason and finally correcting the mistakes can give guys a full utilization of the criticism.

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