Gold ETF Investment

Gold ETF Investment

Gold ETF Investment - Tips for Gold Investment - Safe Investment Option - Gold ETFs Investment Portfolio | Tips on - Find TipsGold Exchange-Traded Fund or Gold ETF is the new investment option of recent origin. This open-ended mutual fund collects money from the investors to invest in standard gold bullion. Instead of physical holding the gold, the investors will be assigned units of the gold ETF. Gold ETF are listed in the stock exchanges of their respective countries.

There are many advantages of investing on Gold ETFs.

Gold ETFs give the same advantages of holding gold in the physical form without the hassles associated with keeping gold in physical form. With gold ETFs, you need not worry about the safe storage, liquidity and purity of physical gold.

Since gold ETFs are registered with stock exchanges, they confirm with the norms and regulations of the regulating authorities. The transparency of operation of these funds ensures that the quality of gold that the fund is investing in confirms to global standards of purity. There is complete transparency in the Net Asset Value or NAV of the funds and the market prices at which they are traded.

The ease of investing in small denominations in Gold ETFs makes it easy for retail investors to participate in the schemes. By investing in gold ETFs, you can accumulate a sizeable amount of gold over a long period of time. Retail investors could invest even in one unit of the fund, which is equivalent to one or ½ gram of gold, every month.

Gold is a safe asset. Especially during recessionary economic situations, when equity prices plummet, price of gold remains stable even in an unstable economic environment. Gold is always a good hedge against inflation and is therefore a safe investment option.

Including gold ETFs in your investment portfolio provides the proper diversification of assets. A good portfolio is one where prices of all assets do not move up and down at the same time and at the same rate. Although, the long-term return from gold ETFs might not be as huge as return from the equity market, but nonetheless, they are the safest custodian of your hard-earned money.

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