Gonorrhoea - Symptoms of Gonorrhoea - Infection of the Genitourinary Tract - Sexually transmitted disease | Tips on - Find TipsGonorrhoea is a common genitourinary tract infection caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoea which is transmitted sexually. It comes second only to chlamydia in prevalence in the US. It mainly affects persons belonging to the 15 to 25 years age bracket though in recent times the number of cases have been on the decline.

Simultaneous occurrence of gonorrhoea and chlamydia is quite common. Of those affected nearly one-third men and about half of the women do not show any symptoms. And those who show usually have the following symptoms:


Among men the symptoms which are prevalent usually show up within 3 to 6 days of getting infected. These are the symptoms of Urethritis which can been burning sensation while urinating, pus discharge from the penis, frequenting the toilet more often than usual and also a swollen and red meatus. There may also be ascending infection of prostate glands or testicles which may cause scrotal pain or swelling. There have been instances of blurred vision in one eye in adults.

In homosexual men there may be development of gonorrhoea in the rectum in which case there may be no symptoms at all. And in case of visible symptoms they may be painful pus discharge from the rectum.


In women the symptoms are more of vaginal discharge, difficulty while urinating, menstrual bleeding off the cycle or bleeding after sexual intercourse. There can also be marked inflammation of the cervix as also a red and itchy vulva. The less advanced symptoms can be cramps, vomiting, fever or bleeding between periods. This infection may develop into Gonorrhoea of the uterus and fallopian tubes. And if untreated this can lead to infection of the whole body, infertility and can also lead to death in some severe cases.


Newborns may get affected by Gonorrhoea of the eye while passing through the birth canal of an infected mother’s. And if untreated this might lead to blindness.

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