Good and Bad of Chocolates

Good and Bad of Chocolates

Good and Bad of Chocolates - Chocolates - Negative Effects of Chocolates - Advantages of Chocolates | Tips on - Find TipsChocolates are yummy and delicious. It is the favorite sweetmeat of most people on earth. I cannot imagine a life without chocolates, can you? However, chocolates also have their own good and evil sides, which need to be explored. Today I will instruct you on the good and bad sides of chocolates.


Lets start with the negative effects first. One of the most common problems that occur from frequent consumption of chocolate is addiction. Yes, one can easily get addicted to chocolate and sometimes chocolates can be reasons for several allergic effects.

Chocolates consist of two harmful chemical called Theobromine and caffeine, which can cause a serious breast disorder known as fibrocystic breast disorder.

Chocolates might not effect your calorie consumption of your body directly, however they are highly rich in sugar content. Thus, chocolates become rich in calorie and fat that will increase your body weight.


There are various advantages of chocolates.

The biggest advantage of chocolate is that it is a huge energy booster. Chocolates consist of several nutrients that can be highly beneficial for the health. One of the basic constituents of chocolate is flavonal, that is a strong antioxidant. Chocolate is also highly rich in minerals like potassium and magnesium and also other vitamins like Vitamin B1,B2, D and E. Thus, chocolates can always be the best option for backup food.

Chocolates are said to be very good and effective aphrodisiacs. Thus, they make the best gift to your spouse on Valentine’s day or any other romantic occasion. This quality of chocolate can always be encashed in order to attract your better half. The rich content of phenylethylamine helps to increase your excitement level by sending signs to the brain’s pleasure centre. The tryptophan present in chocolate also triggers a sense of happiness and satisfaction in your brain.

Chocolates coated with calcium decreases the side effects of calorie and fat by around 9% to 15%.

Theobromine present in the chocolates helps cure cough and flu.

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