Great Oral Sex

Great Oral Sex

Great Oral Sex - Cunnilingus - Gentle sucking - Her body language » Give Her Great Oral SexMany women complain about their partner’s inability to give them great oral sex, which can be detrimental to your relationship’s outcome, especially if she’s good at doing the same for you!

Official termed as cunnilingus, oral sex performed with finesses and refined finger-play or even the tongue (better still, a combination of both) can be pleasurable to the extent of achieving multiple orgasms for your woman, achieving for you that last of the red-hot lovers tag you’ve so desired!

Knowing what to do down under is much more than simply swirling the tongue or learning to locate her ‘g-spot’, which though an important part of giving great oral sex to your woman. So, if you have rather sensitive olfactory nerves and are somewhat repelled due to feminine smells that linger in her private regions, you can always suggest a shower (together perhaps for added pleasures and variety?) before entering into the kind of foreplay women enjoy as much as you like her performing blowjobs for you!

Beginning with gentle, exploratory finger movements around her inner thighs, move authoritatively towards her vagina – a sure-fire way of building the tension then easing it by gentle sucking (to release moisture from within her and lubricating with your tongue, too) all around.

You can then start rubbing and alternately licking the labia (the lips of the vagina) before thrusting your tongue in slow, pausing then reviving the gesture kind of motions so your tongue darts in and out from one side of the labia to the other in even strokes. Since its easier to control the movement of your tongue than your penis, use it to manoeuvre into your woman’s inner most secret spot (the clitoris) to build towards a thrusting movement, flexing to circle the region then curling the tip to enable more stimulation.

Check her body language to know if the pressure and speed you are applying is intense or just what she likes – adapt to her needs as you go along and ensure a mind-blowing orgasm for your woman every time, keeping the above tips in mind.

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