Group Discussion Tips

Group Discussion Tips

Group Discussion Tips - Tips On Personal Interview - Group Discussion and Personal Interview Tips For MBA - How to Tackle the Interview » Tips to tackle group discussion and personal interviewGiving entrance test of MBA only means completing the first stage of your MBA course. The entrance test of MBA figures out that you have the acumen to understand the course that will be taught during the MBA programme. But the group discussions and personal interview helps in assessing the candidate on better terms. Therefore it is essential for every MBA aspirant to tackle his or her group discussion session as well as interview in the best way. This article will guide you on same tips-read out!

A group discussion lasts for 20-30 minutes. The idea is to spot the candidates who are not only capable of performing but are team people too. The topic for group discussion can be general or specific. What matters in any group discussion is your stand on the topic, your ability to analyze the issue, your awareness about the topic and the way you present it. The purpose of group discussion is not to reach a consensus but to assess one’s people skills.

Academics skills get tested in your entrance test and your people skills are evaluated during the group discussion session. But business schools wants to know you as a person, so they conduct a personal interview for that. They will ask you questions relating to “how much you know yourself?” “In what ways do you relate your goals to your personal self?” etc.

remember that 90 percent of questions in an interview are based on “you” so don’t think much spending more time going in through course books. The best way to tackle interview is to introspect. Try and ask yourself why you want to pursue MBA. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. This list will help you to analyze your personality.

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