Guyana Travel Tips

Guyana Travel Tips

Guyana Travel Tips - Guyana - Travelling in Guyana - Climate in Guyana | Tips on - Find TipsGuyana is a heavily forested country, bordered by Brazil in the south, Surinam in the east and Venezuela in the west. The multicultural society of Guyana has a predominant Caribbean flavor. Georgetown, the capital of the country, has a vibrant nightlife with plenty of sightseeing and shopping options. However, the real beauty of the country lies in the interior Amazonian forests, the hub of eco-tourism. Despite frequent political turmoil, Guyana is safe for tourists.

Entry Requirements

You will need a valid passport. Citizens of the Commonwealth nations, Japan, USA and most European countries do not require a visa. If you are arriving in Guyana by plane, you should furnish an onward plane ticket.


Guyana is hot for most of the year. However, the pleasant sea winds prevent the coastal temperature from reaching intolerable heights. The average coastal temperature is around 26.8-degree Celsius and the average temperature further interior of the country is around 28.3-degree Celsius. It rains in Guyana from May to June and from December to the end of January.

Places to see

Guyana is noted for its rainforest, waterfalls, rivers and creeks. The Kaieteur Falls on the Potaro River is the most popular attraction of the country. It is a spectacular experience to watch 30,000 gallons of water descending 850 feet high cliff. The forest surrounding to the waterfall is rich in diverse flora and fauna. You will spot the scarlet colored cock-of-the-rock birds, the golden frog and the bush dog. Swifts, that make nests under the falls’ overhang, are the added attractions of the waterfall.

You will discover the Africa-like landscape in the Rupununi Savannas. The villages of the South American Savannas are inhabited by Amerindian tribesmen. In the rivers cutting across the plains, you will find the largest lilies in the world. Rupununi Savannas is also home to large caimans and several colorful birds.

To explore the natural beauty of Guyana, tread the path starting from Parika to Mabaruma. Here you will find the rice farming regions of the country, interspersed by rivers. The Shell Beach, located near Venezuela border, is the nesting site for several species of sea turtles, such as the olive ridley, giant leatherbacks and the hawksbills.

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