Hair Care Packs

Hair Care Packs

Hair Care Packs - Homemade Hair Care Packs - Natural Hair Care Packs | Tips on - Find TipsTaking care of your hair is one of the most crucial tasks. Today, Hair care treatments forms an important part of the beauty treatments. The regular usage of shampoos which involves some harmful chemicals can make your hair brittle with prolonged usage. However, you can also use some daily ingredients available in the kitchen of your home to prepare suitable hair care packs.

Hair Care Pack of Banana


• Take one banana or use its half portion.
• One big spoon of juice of lemon and honey.


Keep crushing on the piece of banana unless it doesn’t become buttery. Keep your hair in a dry condition. Apply the hair care pack of banana and rinse it with normal water not later than fifteen minutes. Afterwards, rinse your hair with suitable shampoo.

Hair Care Milk Ointment

It is one of the simplest and natural hair care product; after cleansing your hair with normal water, rinse it with one glass of milk and wait for over 20 minutes after which you can wash them with lukewarm water. This method will restore the health of your hair by enhancing suppleness as well as their innate lustre.

Egg-Olive Oil Hair Care Pack

Take one small spoon of olive oil and one egg. Mash both the components with each other and mix it finely. Put the mixture evenly on your hair and especially on the scalp. Rinse it with lukewarm, subsequently followed by washing with appropriate shampoo.

Hair Care Pack for Brittle Hairs


• Fresh lemon juice.
• You need to extract the yellowish part of the egg called yolk. The prescribed quantity of the egg is two.
• Take white portion of 1 egg only.
• One big spoon of honey.


Blend all the above mentioned components and put it on your hair and wash it after fifteen minutes with a shampoo.

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