Hair Color Tips

Hair Color Tips

Hair Color Tips - Hair Coloring Techniques - Permanent Hair Color » Tips For Coloring Your HairMost of the women have the habit of selecting the color of their hair and coloring it on their own. But this is not the right way of doing things. Coloring of the hair depends on many factors and therefore they should consult an expert in the field.

The factors to be decided before coloring are briefly discussed here:


Do not be carried away by the photo of hair color given on the box. Before deciding on the color of the hair, know whether you belong to the warm or cool category.

Normally those who have dark or golden or olive color skin and eyes that are dark or brown are considered as belonging to warm category. Those having blue or green eyes and skin of fair color are considered cool category.

Select the color of the hair:

Coloring is a technique which needs to be done by an expert. Before deciding on the color, hold some of the colors near the face in natural day light and ask for the opinion of the hair stylist or look at the mirror.

Normally, those belonging to warm category should prefer dark gold or caramel or bronze colors. Persons under cool category should prefer brown color. With proper coloring anyone can look blonde.

Hairstylists are of the opinion that those falling under the warm category should prefer light shades because dark shades are best suited for those with green eyes.

Red is a color which suits everyone. Hairstylists also say that red colors can be experimented with at home but in consultation with an expert. Many shades of red colors are available; choose the right color.

Gray hair is normally coarse in texture. It would have lost oil contents in it. In such cases, one should go in for a color that is lighter than the body color of the person.

They should go for a permanent color or semi permanent color. It depends on how much of hair has gone gray.

But, coloring needs to be done by an expert. One should be careful while coloring is done by mixing two shades. If this job is not properly done, the result could be disastrous. So take the help of an expert and evaluate perfectly whether the color you have selected really matches you.

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