Hair Loss and Its Causes

Hair Loss and Its Causes

Hair Loss and Its Causes - How to Prevent Hair Loss » Causes of Hair LossAgeing Equals Hair Loss
A normal cause of hair loss is ageing. Most of the people who suffer from hair thinning or hair loss are the elderly and those getting older. Nowadays, many people suffer from various hair problems such as hair loss. This crisis has been evident for many years and will surely be present in the future if no proper treatment is found.

External and Internal Factors Causing Hair Loss
There are numerous causes of hair loss, both external and internal. They are innumerable such as mental, emotional, physical and psychological problems. More specific reasons for hair loss can be anorexia, cancer and diabetes. Hence, the most common treatment for hair loss is hair restoration or hair re-growth. There are a large number of hair restoration treatments available in the medical world today.

Furthermore, improper hygiene, unhealthy diet and stress are only few of the reasons for hair loss. Hormonal imbalance, ageing and any physical ailments greatly influence the re-growth of healthy hair.

Improper Medication
A more serious cause is improper medication that can lead to hair loss. But chemotherapy as treatment for cancer can really be as frustrating for it ultimately results in hair loss. Hair loss can also be caused by excessive use of chemicals like hair color, perming, curling (whether wooden, iron or plastic) and hair straightening. The use of hair dryer, hair rollers and pins, ringed hair bands and the like can further damage the hair resulting in hair brittleness, lesser resilience and even hair loss.

Heredity Equals Genetics
But most people are so preoccupied with the prevention of hair loss that they forget the most probable of all causes which is genetic or hereditary. If there are prior cases of hair loss in the family, like your father or grandfather, you may have a greater chance of suffering from this hair crisis. Thus, there may be a big difference in the hair loss for it may occur at a younger age.

And even if you may find the proper treatment to this problem, it has a high possibility of recurrence. If hair loss runs through the blood, then it is more complicated to treat such hair problem.

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