Hair Styles To Suit Your Face

Hair Styles To Suit Your Face

Hair Styles To Suit Your Face - Haircuts For Face Shapes - Choosing Hairstyles According To Your Face Shape | Fashion & BeautyThe importance of a good hair cut can certainly not be undermined. Selecting the hair cut that works best for your face shape will do a lot of good to your look. So here we tell you which hair cut works best for each face shape.

For a round face

For girls with a big face all you need to do is choose hair styles that are longish, preferably the ones that fall till your chin. This will give your face a slimmish look, hide the fat around the cheeks and remove the extra bulk. So short blunts, curls are out and variations of soft layers and steps are in.

For a square face

For girls with a squarish face you need to distract attention from your angular jaw. So any hairstyle with choppy ends or blunt edges is out. Opt for spiky cuts and longish styles with layers that start low and continue.

For an oval face

This face shape is every hairstylists delight, as most hair cuts look nice on such girls. Be it long, short, straight or curly. So girls with this face shape should feel free to try anything and experiment without worry.

For a long face

Here adding width to the face is what a hairstylist looks at. So chin-length bob cuts should work. Perming and curls will also give your face some additional width. Maintaining long hair will be difficult for such face types.

For a heart-shaped face

Making sure your pointy chin does not get all the attention should be the aim of every hairstylist. Go for longish hair that falls below your chin. And any harsh, sharp cuts should be avoided. Long layers and steps is the way to go.

So now that you know all the tricks of the trade, just rush to a good hairstylist and get a hair style that will work best for you.

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