Hallmark Channel Scandals They Want You To Forget

Hallmark Channel Scandals They Want You To Forget

Like beanies, "scandals" come in all shapes and sizes. Before facing serious charges for the aforementioned college admissions scam, actress Lori Loughlin landed in a heated battle with a fan who didn't appreciate the red hat she wore in an Instagram post. The problem: This particular follower connected that piece of wintry wardrobe to Donald Trump's signature red "Make America Great Again" caps. For real? For real.

According to Yahoo!, Loughlin posted photos of cast and crew on the set of Homegrown Christmas wearing red beanies with the words "Another Hallmark Christmas Movie." While seemingly harmless, a fan reportedly named Garrett Murphy took offense: "Love the show Lori, but wish you would keep politics out of it. Guess we just disagree that our president is 'making America great again.'" A social media squabble among followers ensued. Loughlin eventually chimed in too: "The hat says ANOTHER HALLMARK CHRISTMAS MOVIE. RED is for the Christmas season," she said. "Hope that clears up the confusion. Also the entire crew is Canadian."

According to Yahoo!, the disgruntled Murphy needed no clarification: "Oh give me a break Lori I think it's pretty obvious what it means. It's also pretty obvious that you're all enjoying excluding EVERY OTHER RELIGION by wearing those 'Christmas only' hats." So there you have it. That's certainly isn't the biggest scandal to ever hit the Hallmark Channel, but in the drama department, this one certainly makes an interesting stocking stuffer.


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