Hand grooming

Hand grooming

Hand grooming - Grooming for men - Guide to male grooming - Hand grooming ideas » Give Yourself A HandHey guys, listen up – we have it on good authority (women we date do not consider themselves anything less than an authority on anything they say, so you’ll do well to tune in to the best of them when it comes to knowing what to do to get up close and personal with the one in your life) that with the metro-sexual man becoming a standard rather than the one-off for judging desirable personalities, it is taken as a privilege to look after yourself beyond the quickie shave-shower routine.

The days when manicures used to be considered the preserve of women and hand-jobs what are not mentioned in polite company are long gone: you can go ahead and give yourself a hand, especially when it ensures you have clean, well-groomed hands that could get license to stray after a candle-light dinner date.

So, pay attention: you can go ahead and indulge in a professional manicure at the neighbourhood salon for the first few times you need to get an idea of how the job is done and then remember to invest in a good quality nail care kit for men, so you can attend to the regular hand and nail maintenance at home by yourself down the line. Hand grooming is really a grooming necessity, rather than the luxury most men think it to be, because most women surveyed in the lifestyle sections of top magazines reveal hands are the first thing they notice about the men they date (but it does pay to hit the gym and showers, too!)

Whether or not you are thinking in terms of upping your dating odds, regular hand grooming is essential for other vital aspects of your life as well: from meeting strangers and social networking to making a good impression on a client or senior executive to simply being able to maintain basic hygiene standards, basic hand care tips need to be followed for a better, stylish you.

Besides, well-groomed hands that are clean and nourished also tend to suffer less seasonal ill-effects due to weather changes such as winter-dryness, painful or cracking nails, rough cuticles or tenderized and sore skin etc; summer woes related to hand grooming include sweaty palms that tend to get greasy, tanned skin, sun-spots on the hands etc.

At the very least, you can follow a basic hand-care routine with ensuring you keep your nails trimmed short, cutting straight across the top (to avoid ingrown/hang nails occurring) and cleaning underneath the tips with a nailbrush available with any essential manicure kit.

Exfoliate (removing dry skin through natural scrubbing techniques) using natural products that have granules to wash away the surface dirt; wash with plain water and follow up with a moisturizer for hands that any one would love to touch!

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