Handbags in Fashion

Handbags in Fashion

Handbags in Fashion - Designer handbags - Leather handbag - Fabric handbag » Handbags in FashionGoing to party, college, work or simply shopping- handbags have become almost like a necessity. You can’t think going out without them. Along with convenience, they have become a latest fashion with various handbags coming in markets designed according to comfort, style, and latest trend. Right from ensuring that you have matching shoes and earrings with your dress, these days you also pay attention to whether your bag complements your overall attire or not. After all, bags have evolved from being ‘just a bag’ to a fashionable style statement.

Jute bags or ‘jhola’ as it is popularly known as, are the most common with college-goers. Along with convenience, it provides them with a much needed funky look. You have such long bags in jute as well as fabric with various kinds of embroidery done on it for a traditional and aesthetic look. Beads and mirror works are quite popular with college goers in particular. If you want a bag for office work, you can go in for bags made with textured leathers as they are in fashion these days. It provides a classy yet a professional and formal look. For casual purposes, you can go in for a wide variety of colorful, funky and cool bags available in markets. Tiny wristlet bag crafted in silk and even suede are favorite for party purposes. They usually have decorative brooches and short shoulder chain straps.

While buying a handbag, you should be careful in choosing it according to your body shape. Simple tip- stick to a shape which is opposite to your actual body size and shape. For example, if you are rounder in figure, then your bag should be rectangular or square in shape. Similarly, a rounded and slouchy bag will complement a tall and thin figure. Thus, along with choosing a bag in fashion, also be careful in choosing a bag which complements your body well.

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