Hang Out For Youngsters

Hang Out For Youngsters

Hang Out For Youngsters - Hangout In Metro Stations - Places To Hang Out » Hottest Hangout For YoungstersHey guys are you tired of talking your girlfriend to the same old places for spending some time together? Does eating lunch outside with your friends burn a hole in your pocket? Well if the answers to above questions are yes, then don’t panic much now!

Metro stations are becoming the hottest hangout zone for youngsters these days. Gone are those days when girls and guys went to gardens, malls, movie, and theaters. Believe me; these places are facing a big competition from metro stations as it is becoming a new hang out zone for young couples.

An outing is generally an expensive affair and most important you cannot even sit back in the coffee shop for more than hour just with a cup of coffee as you start getting stares from the staff around. Likewise, movie tickets are getting expensive day by day. Isn’t it? On the other hand, things are quite cool at metro stations. You just have to buy an Rs 6 ticket and get to spend two hours in an air conditioned enclosure.

You will be glad to read that most of the metro stations are built up in such a way that they look youthful and cater to the youthful needs in every way. Undoubtedly around 80 percent of people who travel by metro are between 18 and 34 years of age. This again gives the DMRC a good reason to develop its stations according to the tastes of the youth. Moreover the opening up of various eating joints at various metro stations too has made metro stations as a popular choice of young adults.

Youngsters like to hangout in metro stations because these stations have been designed in a unique western framework, have time-bound services and great ambience. So don’t think much, whenever you plan to go out with your girlfriend, take her to any metro station and spend some quality time together.

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