Harmful Effects of Obesity

Harmful Effects of Obesity

Harmful Effects of Obesity - Causes of Obesity - Complications of Obesity - Obesity and Pregnancy » Harmful Effects of ObesityIf you are unable to find clothes of your size or if you are unable to fulfill your desire of wearing short and fitting clothes due to your bulging fat, then it’s time you wake up to the various drawbacks of obesity.

Obesity is not just related to the inability to possess an eye catching figure; it has various health and psychological drawbacks too. This article will throw light on such harmful effects of obesity.

Don’t take obesity lightly as it is a foundation for various other health problems one faces in life. Obese people are vulnerable to high blood pressure and various kinds of cardiovascular problems and thus it is necessary to keep your weight under check to keep your heart healthy and fit.

Carrying excessive body weight is not beneficial for your joints. Obese people are vulnerable to joint problems and even to problems like arthritis. In addition, obese people are more prone to respiratory problems like sleep apnea.

Overweight or obese women often complain of menstrual irregularities. They can also suffer from infertility and pregnancy problems and complications.

Along with health problems, obesity also leads to social and psychological problems. Obese people tend to remain isolated from others as they suffer from a poor body image and thus tend to seclude themselves from social gatherings. In addition, obese people are unhappy with their figure and thus often suffer from pessimism, lack of confidence and lack of self esteem.

As discussed above, obesity is a major root cause of a number of problems. However, this problem can be easily treated and prevented. You need to understand the harmful effects of obesity and develop the will power to lose your weight. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle, join gyms and indulge in regular exercises, and have a healthy and a nutritious diet to lose unwanted extra fat from your body.

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