Harmful Effects of Salt

Harmful Effects of Salt

Harmful Effects of Salt - How Does Salt Increase Blood Pressure - Effect of Excessive Salt Intake - How To Stop Over Consuming Salt » Harmful Effects of SaltCan you imagine your food without salt? Most of us will answer in the negative. While there is no denying the fact that salt is an extremely important component in one’s food, one should not consume it in excessive amounts as that can be harmful for our health. Given below are some harmful effects of consuming salt in excessive amounts.

We all are aware of the fact that excessive salt leads to an increase in blood pressure and is thus harmful for your heart’s health. It is for this reason that people with hypertension are advised to reduce the intake of dietary salt. In addition, excessive intake of salt is also linked with increased vulnerability to strokes and other cardiovascular disorders.

Along with harming your cardiovascular health by leading to high blood pressure, salt is also linked with various other health problems. It has been found that high salt consumption can increase the deterioration of renal functions and can also have a damaging effect on the digestive system.

This is because research has found out that excessive salt intake can increase the risk of developing stomach cancer and can also lead to frequent heartburns.

Excessive salt intake can also lead to weight gain and obesity. Thus, if you are trying to lose those extra pounds from your body, then you must ensure that you limit your intake of salt. According to certain reports, excessive salt intake can reduce bone density and increase the chances of osteoporosis, especially in women.

After having looked at the various harmful effects of salt, one should try to consume salt in moderate quantity. However, this does not imply that you completely stop consuming salt as that too can lead to various problems. Salt is essential for the body but excessive salt is harmful. Thus you should try to restrain from excessive intake of salt to lead a healthy life.

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