Have Courage to Say No

Have Courage to Say No

Have Courage to Say No - Courage to Say No - How to Say No to Sex » Do you have the courage to say no to your partnerDo you hesitate to say firm ‘no’ without giving any consideration to what other person will think about you, at your refusal? Always keep in mind that pleasing others every now and then doesn’t help anyone in long run. it ill only create problems for yourself as it is neither possible to always please people or keep them pleased forever as their demands and expectations go on increasing. It is always better to say “no” from the start in most matters then to do it perforce later on when the heartburning would be much more.

A married woman may have to say “no” for sex to her husband on occasion if she is not feeling well or is tired, grieving or in an unhappy environment. But in such situation, convey your problem or anguish to him politely and lovingly so that your partner understands and does not offended or rejected, and his ego is not hurt.

Women can sense the intensions of man better and often avoid meeting their husband’s bosses, particular friend or relative. If the husband is not able to catch the hint, then they must firmly say “no” and make him wise to it.

You as a girl should not agree to their boyfriend’s suggestions for premarital sex because then, despite commitment and promises of marriage, the boys back out as they start considering girls cheap. So say a firm “no” to premarital sex to the boyfriend or fiancé in no uncertain time. Some girls yield for fear of annoying but when they are ditched for their folly, they have nothing left but to repent.

Always keep in mind that a polite “no” without being rude and without any lengthy explanation is mostly all what is required, but there may be people to whom you may have to be harsh so as to get rid of them.

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