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Head Massage

Head Massage - Benefits of a Head Massage - Indian Head Massage - Head Massage Oils - Oil Massage » Benefits of a Head MassageThe best natural way to attain lustrous and healthy hair is by regularly nourishing them through the simple activity of oil massage. Scalp massage is not only beneficial to one’s hair, but it also helps in rejuvenating one’s entire body by relaxing one’s nerves and mind. A weekly oil massage of one’s hair and scalp can prove extremely beneficial to the strength and growth of one’s hair as well as helps in the overall relaxation of one’s body.

A warm oil massage done once a week can help one stay away from dry skin problems like flakes and dandruff. In addition, it helps in improving the growth of one’s hair as it helps in strengthening the hair roots along with nourishing the hair-shafts. Thus, people who often complain of dry, brittle and worn-out hair should try the benefits of a healthy oil massage as it helps in rejuvenating dry and damaged hair thereby preventing them from fragility and split-ends.

A proper oil massage can be beneficial for the entire body as it helps in enhancing the blood circulation near the head and the neck areas. This in turn helps in de-stressing a person thereby leading to an overall relaxation of a body. Oil acts as a natural conditioner which helps in making one’s hair smooth and manageable. Moreover, it also increases the luster and vibrancy of one’s hair along with protecting them from the harsh effects of weather. Thus, a simple activity can help a person shine with strong and healthy hair.

The choice of oil can be made according to the type and texture of one’ hair. If one possesses thin, dry and fizzy hair, then one should opt for almond oil or sesame oil as both these oils help in reducing the stiffness from one’s scalp. Similarly, if one’s hair is prone to premature thinning and graying, then one can go in for coconut oil. Thus, the type of oil changes according to different hair types but the fundamental theory remains the same, which is the use of regular oil massage to let one’s hair shine with health.

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